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Posted by: G Talk November 17, 2015
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We’re walking in Yves Saint Laurent’s footsteps this weekend, escaping to his beloved Marrakech where the latest neighborhood to capture our attention surrounds his bamboo and palm filled gardens, Les Jardin Majorelle. Named after French painter Jacques Majorelle who took up residence here in the 1930s when Marrakech was a French protectorate, Majorelle offers a calmer alternative to the medina’s endless frenzy of hawkers and snake charmers. Here’s where you’ll find us:

The Berber Museum

YSL’s small but exceptional collection of indigenous artifacts, handicrafts and jewelry originating from across Morocco, from the Rif to the Sahara is beautifully displayed. Certainly it inspires our desire to acquire.

33 Rue Majorelle

Marrakech’s first ‘concept store’ highlights the original creations of around 60 local and international designers and artists producing in Morocco, everything from crochet hammam scrubbers to hand beaded couture gowns, with the intention to raise the profile of contemporary Islamic designers in global fashion circles.


Meaning ‘gift’ in Arabic, this vibrant boutique is stocked by the Spanish expatriate owner with satchels emblazoned with the hand of Fatima, baby babouches in butter soft leather and striking Atlas blankets reminiscent of Mexican and Native American woven textiles.


Bright shag carpets outside announces this retro chic reinterpretation of the traditional Moroccan carpet shop, offering a tightly edited selection of super stylish vintage rugs plus their own line of natural dye rugs woven in Middle Atlas responsible village cooperatives. Upstairs, folk pottery and elegant linens are available, with the goal of preserving North Moroccan artisan traditions.


The Majorelle refueling stop is a stylish alternative to street food yet still reasonably speedy, especially for North Africa, with DIY salads, a daily tangine and an array of inventive wraps. This super hip pit stop with deliciously original fruit juice concoctions, authentic American cookies and French detox teas, holds the prime corner location. Outdoor tables offer optimal people watching.

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