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Posted by: G Talk December 11, 2015
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Hong Kong’s next hot ‘hood? Come with us to Wong Chuk Hang, a warehouse area turned emergent mecca for space seeking art galleries with a mass transit station planned for late 2016.


Blindspot Gallery
Named for a perceived gap in HK’s art appreciation, this whole-floor loft mounts exhibitions by established and emerging photographers with an emphasis on regional talent.

Art Statements
The East-West artist roster inside this white washed expanse ranges from Salvador Dali to ‘outsider’ Chinese photographer Weng Fen and the Japanese kitsch of Yuichi Sugai.

Spring Workshop
Peruse the cavernous exhibition space at this pioneering not-for-profit then peek into the studios, kitchens and terraces where you may come upon one of the cross-disciplinary conversations among visiting artists and local art aficionados.

Feast Projects
Former Marlborough Gallery consultant Philippe Koutouzis bridges his interests in Chinese, European and American art on these moveable walls.


Take the manned elevator up to this industrial furniture showroom-cum-cafe where top quality imported and organic ingredients go into the rice paper thin pizzas, inventive salads and homemade desserts. We adore that it’s dog friendly too.

At this hard to book private kitchen, Chinese-German chef Stanley Wong’s 7-course tasting menu rotates monthly. On the night we rocked up, Wong spoiled us with white asparagus dappled with chives and herring roe, rhubarb gazpacho and roasted black cod with turmeric kombucha.

Mum Veggie + Coffee + Sweet
Morning yoga classes inside this polished concrete enclave give way to vitamin packed Super C juice and crispy burdock root salad with carrot slivers, bean sprouts and organic leaves. Warm tofu brownies are luscious enough to impress even diehard sweets snob.


Ask the team at Residence G Hong Kong about private sales taking place among the showrooms at One Island South, where HK’s fashion doyenne Joyce holds regular friends and family sales at her 7th floor showroom, rightly famous for their 75% designer discounts. Otherwise, head further south to Horizon Plaza, a veritable vertical of markdowns, from the Marni outlet on the 27th floor down to Ralph Lauren on 18. Continue on to Space Warehouse better known as the Prada Outlet, juxtaposed above a wet market.

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