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Say YES to Waste Less

September 2, 2020
Posted by: Hotels G

Hotel G Singapore is going green!

Around the world, hotels are exploring sustainability and examining ways in which they can incorporate eco-friendly best practices and Hotel G Singapore is no exception. Make your next staycation in the Lion city a conscious one at Hotel G Singapore, for a comfortable stay with a minimal carbon footprint.⁣


In an effort to cause the least possible damage to the environment, Hotel G is taking steps to improve its green credentials and go carbon-neutral. After all, in an era of climate change, a hotel stay is not only about the usual creature comforts but also about environmental sustainability. This means that for the eco-conscious traveller, a low carbon footprint is just as important as free Wi-Fi or a well-stocked minibar. If you’re looking to minimise your eco-footprint during your next hotel stay in Singapore, consider booking a room at Hotel G.

Hotel G Singapore goes green

Over the past few years, Hotel G Singapore has consistently introduced new and innovative ways to run in a more sustainable way. Along with being design-led, fashion-forward and music-driven, being a greener business has always taken priority in the way the hotel manages its day-to-day operations.

First launched in June 2019, the Say YES to Waste Less campaign aims to encourage the reduction of disposables and food waste through a partnership approach. The campaign’s aim is to drive awareness, action and advocacy on these topics among businesses and consumers across Singapore.

This year, in partnership with this highly successful campaign, Hotel G Singapore and its restaurants, Ginett and 25 Degrees, are proud to pledge their commitment to wasting less by rolling out the following green initiatives in addition to many existing ones already implemented throughout the property.


Environmentally-friendly amenities at Hotel G Singapore Recycled packaging at Hotel G Singapore


Hotel G Singapore encourages guests to opt-out of using disposable plastic whenever possible, through visual reminders shared on their digital platforms. They have also swapped out plastic bottled water with carton boxed water in all guest rooms.

Other green efforts within the rooms include laundry of linens and towels being offered on an opt-in basis. The laundry chemicals used for the linens are biodegradable and environmentally friendly and water from the laundry wash process is recycled! What’s more, all amenities within the rooms are packaged in recycled or recyclable materials and 100% biodegradable.

Not only do the bathroom amenities come in eco-friendly packaging in a move towards greener practices, but they smell amazing too! The soothing scents of lavender, bergamot, and geranium from the Metis Skin range are derived from natural ingredients with relaxing properties and are great for rejuvenating the hair and skin. All for an even better night’s sleep.

The hotel is also a proud partner of Soapcycling Singapore, which is an NGO that works with students, hotels, businesses, volunteers, and charities across Asia to recycle soap. In a bid to reduce waste and to improve sanitation and hygiene, this organization collects, cleans, and renews used soaps that are about to be thrown out. Hotel G Singapore works hand in hand with Soapcycling to assist in collecting and recycling the used bars of soap left behind by guests, and redistribute them to communities who need them within the country and even further afield in the region.



French wine at Ginett Singapore

Everyday, more and more people become conscious of their disposable plastic use and consumption and say no to plastic straws. In full support of this movement, Ginett is reducing the use of disposable straws by making them available only upon request.

Love a good glass of wine as much as you love the planet? Fret not. For wine aficionados who are not sure what to do with all their empty bottles, Ginett has also pledged to make it easier for customers to recycle their wine bottles. In keeping with the spirit of going green, the popular wine bar is offering a complimentary bottle of French house wine to anyone who brings back 2 empty bottles purchased from its wine shop.



Takeaway box from 25 Degrees Singapore

The concept of BYOC (Bring Your Own Container) is a waste-reducing eco-trend that goes beyond carrying your own tote to the supermarket. It is a lifestyle statement and a true representation of Singapore’s commitment to the Say YES to Waste Less campaign.

In an effort to support greener and more eco-conscious living, 25 Degrees is offering a 20% discount on takeaway orders when guests bring their own containers. This encourages the reduction of disposable packaging, making your meal more environmentally-friendly! Who says burgers can’t be guilt-free?

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