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Spicy Basil Instinct at 25 Degrees

For a burger with a Thai twist and a hint of spice - don't miss the new creation at 25 Degrees Bangkok and 25 Degrees Singapore, inspired by Issarn and Northern Thai flavors. Come and try the new limited-edition burger – Spicy Basil Instinct.

This burger truly packs a punch of flavor and an exciting combination of textures, with a kick of heat! It features a juicy beef or pork patty, topped with a handful of crispy pork crackling, tangy pickled papaya, a medley of fragrant Thai herbs and of course, a comforting blanket of melty mozzarella.

But the start of the show in this burger is undoubtedly 25 Degrees’ very own homemade spicy 3-basil pesto. Packed with fresh aromas and deep, savory notes, it’s made with a trio of tree basil, Italian basil, and holy basil.

Available exclusively this September and October:

  • THB 450 at 25 Degrees Bangkok
  • SGD $20++ at 25 Degrees Singapore

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